Monday, February 29, 2016

Kraft+ Going Postal

Kraft+ Challenge
OMG this nearly sent me postal!!!!! What to do what to do??? Stamps?? Travel? Nah, Mail? nope... was not feeling it!!!! So I put it off, thought I may sit this month out...
Then on Saturday morning doing the mums taxi thing with my IPOD cranked this song came on, James Blunt Postcards I listened to it once, then repeated the song... it was perfect the ideas started to flow I pulled over wrote down my ideas and then when I got home I got busy.
This is what I came up with....


  1. Well, I think you rocked it....even if it did send you flipping through the air like a letter tossed by the wind!!! You more than got there. Love the mono scheme & the little clusters. VERY clever 'take' on our K+ challenge....& you KNOW I adore 'funky flair', too :)!!!!!

    1. As I said on the Facebook group...I love your take on this challenge! Isn't it fabulous where we gain our inspiration ;) I adore the use of the postcard with the photo as the stamp, so flippin' brilliant! Thanks for joining us over @ Kraft+ last month ;)